Witchery Ider

So I’m in Segamat and stumbled upon an awesome little cafe serving bubble tea, jelly drinks, small snacks such as hot dogs and the good ole Australian fried wedges. Their friendly staff and owner are as sweet as the drinks they serve.

My recommendation would be to take that 3 hour drive to Segamat from KL to experience this “Witchery Ider”.

The cafe is superbly clean, friendly atmosphere and delicious drinks, sure I’ll retun and have a drink here.

They are running a promotion where you buy 1 large drink and get second one free.

As you can see from the photos, it’s smiles all round and personalised service. The staff really do spend the time to ensure you choose the perfect drink.

Some of the best flavours are Columbian choc, lots of roasted milk, french sugar milk tea, plum green orange tea and yummy fried snacks.

There’s a lot of other great shops and culture to enjoy in the rural town of Segamat. I also recommend upwell shopping mall, Y.E.S Boutique and Dimplez Style.

So the address is Jalan Kekwa 85000 Segamat in the heart of the city.

p.s: I just late ordered the popcorn chicken and it is superb, kicks ass over KFC and other popcorn chicken.

With Love from Micho!

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