Who is Micho? Then and Now!

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Well I guess I should start by introducing myself in the most in depth manner possible. My real name is Michel (French for Michael). I was born in 1979, 8 years after my eldest brother and 12 years after my sister (quite mathematically challenging huh?). Talk about accident child, well apparently not! This is how I see it…

Back in the days of war torn Lebanon, living in a 3 storey “mansion” in the mountains of Machghara, I guess my parents had nothing to do but to reproduce. June 1979 I was born into a country which I currently have no fond memories of, no recollection of my first 8 years of my life and no interest to explore. Yet I am lead to imagine how my life was for those years, based on stories from my extended family.

I am constantly told about how my life was always endangered and how lucky I am to be alive after being bombed, chased to live underground and to undergo such hardships. I feel the luckiest thing is I have no memory of any of this.

The day before turning 8 years old we landed in Australia, after being sponsored by my uncles who own a very successful furniture business.

At that age, there was no point dwelling on the past and my family and I really tried to live the life of an Australian. Well unfortunately it all started badly for all of us. Sharing a house with 8 others and fitting in was very difficult to do. School was a nightmare as English was a barrier and of all things to be bullied about; was having curly hair and not speaking English. Later in life, this haunted me as I spent more years chemically straightening my hair than anything.

Anyway as they years went on and one Mrs Miller fell madly in love with my cuteness, gave me extra attention and taught me hours and hours after school, hence still failing English throughout high school heheh. Bless her for trying!

Going through primary school I had one best friend, who I spent most of my days and weekends back and forth from his house and mine. My younger years, my popularity was at an all time low and self esteem probably even worse (even not knowing what that means at the time).

Up until year 9 I didn’t change, still bullied for being a fatty with curly hair and still with the same friend. So at this point, I started to realise that my life was not changing and I was going to go through the same things over and over again.

Year 10 came along and I joined the school jazz band and didn’t even know why. Well this turned everything around actually, thanks to my music teacher Mr Way who spent a lot of time nurturing a small group of musical lovers (me and my cousin included). You gotta love a man who writes you notes to get you out of religion and sports classes, which mind you didn’t help my weight problem (120 kg at this time) haha.

Anyway after trying many instruments and playing some well and some terribly, I stuck to the saxophone for a while then moved onto singing jazz songs. Suddenly I found my own fame inside my head and decided that I would take on a music career full time. NO NO NO NO NO… strict Lebanese parents and a shameful career is not for a Lebanese man to follow. Anyhow I continued and all of the sudden, my circle of friends changed, my habits changed and even my behaviour changed.

Being 120 kg I was nick named Pavarotti and all the school kids, parents and teachers just started to call me “Pav”, “Pavarotti”.

ALL OF THE SUDDEN I WAS POPULAR! OR was it just inside my head?

Well come end of year 11, I suddenly dropped from 120 something Kg down to 60kg in a few months, which was weird considering nothing wrong with my health and had perfect results. So I put it down to good luck! However, I didn’t get a new nick name, I remained Pavarotti right through till graduation the following year.

Everything changed and even though just handful of friends, I was quite content about myself. I had my “lunch box fame” and nothing was going to stop me….. So I thought!!!!

Mid my touring of school competitions and singing training, my parents decided to take matters into their own hands and stop my music career; Under the advice of my elder sister. I had worked many months, day and night to buy equipment and really do something with music or the entertainment business.Well not according to my parents!

It was time I became serious and do something that was acceptable in the community (the Lebanese) of course, so I was forced, literally, to focus on accounting! This was devastating, yet it continued to be a secret passion, rather than to give it up.

Around end of year 11 I started to meet girls in the shopping centre after class and wanted desperately to have a girlfriend. So I did! This again was a disgrace to the parents and as the years went on, more and more girls became available and even more shocking to the parents.

Then when it was time to study, I couldn’t focus and all I wanted was to be a superstar! Well that never happened as I was forced more and more into study and tuition. By this time I already had built up anger towards my parents and blamed them for killing my dream. Looking back now … it’s not their fault, based on their upbringing and history.

At the end of year 12 and saying goodbye to old friends, really closed a chapter for me and I moved on to University to do accounting as per my parents wish. As we all know the saying “a chapter  closes another one opens” right? Well for me this was 1000000% true. I literally lost all contact with my high school friends, including my best friend and as university started, “replacements” were already there.

By this time, I was not fully aware of what, how, where, when and why my life would take this turn. So as I continued my university journey, I started to meet people with same interests, same tastes in music and so on .. Still not understanding how and why…

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