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If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?


Actually I am not sure how many people actually know this story of Belle and Sebastian from the 1980s, but the big white dog is amazing. Since I was a very young child of 8 years old, I used to watch it in Arabic during the war in Lebanon. Over many years of repeats and not really understanding why this TV show was so amazing.

Anyhow in 1987 we moved to Australia and funnily enough the show was the same but in English. At that time, I didn’t speak English of course so the first few years were a little blurry, yet still understood because I had seen it 100 times before.

By the time I had turned 11 I still was watching it, in the morning (on ABC) and in the afternoon straight after school.

I guess at that time it wasn’t very meaningful for me, but when I turned 11 I started to feel some emotions that I normally would not have known. Sadness, pride, happiness and even anxious with fear. 
I think the story is so well written and even for my age now of 30 if I was to watch again, would really give me a new meaning. Anyhow, the big white dog, Belle, symbolized a lot of things that we take for granted, friendship, love, protection and the simple joys of life. To go on a world journey with your best friend or in the search for someone is incredibly touching.

Not so much a creature but still that dog really taught me many things. Belle really was misunderstood from the beginning and as they searched to kill her, Sebastian protected her and befriended her. So many people around the world are not giving a choice to be understood and are labeled, taken for granted, abused and sometimes even killed.

It shows in a way a love of a mother to child by the way Belle was always at the forefront whenever Sebastian needed her. As they journey around the globe searching for Sebastian’s mother, it really drives home for me how important it is to be protected. 
On top of all the emotion, the dog is damn beautiful. So white, so pure. Even when the dog shows anger in the beginning, the ferocity of such animal is usually seen only during fear right? 
The lesson I learnt here is that you can befriend anyone, without judging. Keep an open mind and heart because usually the things that we fear the most maybe the ones that save us! 
Tell me what you think!

Love from Micho!

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My blogs!!!


So I have decided to start blogging quite regularly and discuss as many topics as I can with some pictures, videos and so on.

On each of the blog, I will have a link to the pictures, videos and relevant texts that relate to the blog.

There’s a CNY blog that is my first fashion blog.


I really hope to write a lot about my experiences relating to fashion, my fad dieting, pills, hairstyles, good and bad mistakes and life in general. The main focus is on eternal happiness and the law of attraction. How people are drawn into your life, give you an experience and either stay or leave!

My blogs are meant to spark some emotion and hope to get some really good comments and discussions going on.

Love always,


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Word Press Test Blog From Mobile

My fourth attempt to email through a blog from my mobile phone.

Hoping it works.