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Chinese New Year 2010 – Fashion Parade Mid Valley


January 24th 2010 was just meant to be a day of shopping, walking around and waiting for friends. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! I was given a great glimpse of gorgeous dresses for Chinese New Year. The girls were amazing and the guys were a little too much of the same.

At one point the little girl who was modeling the dress was so uncomfortable, she stopped mid runway and started to fix her dress.

I was a little disappointed to see so little variety. However, the great thing about this show was the multi cultural appeal. The models were not all Chinese, but from Europe, Malaysia and the Middle East.

As this will be the first CNY I will experience, it was a nice surprise to see. I am very glad I visited Mid Valley!!

In a few days time, the celebrations will begin and just like Christmas for Christians, Eid for Muslims, of which I have experienced both, I am excited to get dressed up in red (which I am sure will impress my mother) and party on for almost 15 days.

For my first CNY I will be celebrating with my best friends from Malaysia, Stan and Pandy (Mandy).

As the year comes to a close for them and a new begins, I have spent almost one full calendar year with them and their family. They have put up with a lot of my garbage, moodiness and most of all my constant babbling. I dedicate this blog to them and their families.

When it is hard to express feelings for an entire family that has invited me into their home, call me their adopted son, I can say that I feel quite hearty about the event that is about to unfold. This sort of reminds me of a very strange notion I once had many years ago when I was studying at university and found myself friends with a Chinese girl who studied media studies. I am sure I fell in love with her voice when she practised “signing off for Channel 31 news”.

Then even going back to year 2000 I visited Malaysia for the first time but never ever imagined that I would return and stay here for almost 1 full year.

How all this relates to Law of Attraction

My point is, without any boundaries I had hoped that I would learn more about the Asian culture and quite often set my goals to travel, the relation between my travels and the people I met along the way had maybe “forced” subconsciously my thoughts to divert my path to end up engrossed in the Asian region. As I review my past, set and forget, you can piece it all together.

I am no expert on law of attraction, however I know that my path of events are all interlinked and the connections I make consciously and subconsciously affect the outcome. Although we make choices, this is on the conscious level and by over thinking things, I believe these are pushed into our subconscious level and become desires, whether we want them in the end or not.


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