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7 Days Transforming your life. Happiness and Health. How much can I change?


So as I head with fast approach to my 31st year, I am feeling a little shabby! So in this 7 day blog / Vlog, me and my best friends are going to explore how much one person can change in a week and in an unprecedented live video, we will track the results. Digging into each of our desires for health and happiness, we hope to have some fun and learn a bit more about ourselves. Individually and together we’ll give you an insight into our hectic schedules, current bad lifestyles of drinking, smoking and food abuse.

Micho: Although I find myself smiling most of the time and quite happy, friendly and appreciate the over indulging in fine foods, wine and great delicacies, it has come to a point for me where I am classed as overweight and due to hereditary health problems such as blood pressure, heart and diabetes, my decision to change was inevitable or possibly face some dire consequences now and in the future.

I am of Middle Eastern blood and my friends described below are of Chinese blood. When we have exercised before, even though I am bigger size, Stanley’s stamina was far below mine.

Stanley and Mandy: My friends Stan and Mandy are underweight and have the tendency to follow suit with their eating habits. The different sizes between me and them is almost double. Their eating habits are similar to mine, yet the body make up is different, yet I would imagine their health status would be quite critical also, maybe not now, but the future.

Here are our combined problems:

Smoking, Over Eating, Not Enough Quality Sleep, No Exercise and actually eating the right food groups is non existent. A diet consisting of Fried this and that, heavy rice and noodle consumption and if it has oil, we love it!

The three of us tend to complain about the content of oil, fat and lack of nutrition in our diet, yet we still indulge in the bad things.


So how are we going to change it. Our first mission is to clean out our fridge, cupboards and goooooo shopping. Sure we are going to fight over the food at the shopping centre. Just bare in mind we are not experts or doctors, so for those who want to join us on our quest, please consult your doctor or physician. The basis of our program is purely for experimental purposes and have some fun.

We’ve also chosen to use some natural products from the Biolyn range ( available from our Biolyn Store) or contacting us through here. Each and every single product we use will be explained here in my blog or in the lawofattraction youtube videos.

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So let the fun begin….

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What ten words would you use to describe yourself? If your friends were asked to describe you, how closely would all the lists match up?


I think if you ask my friends and family what they think about my personality I don’t know how closely matched they would be. However here goes in 10 words:

  1. Damn Talkative
  2. Sensitive
  3. Caring
  4. A lot of Fun
  5. Annoying (especially when had just a few drinks)
  6. Dirty Cocky
  7. Arrogant (Well I think it’s just confident)
  8. Smiley
  9. Procrastinator
  10. Did I mention Talkative… I think everyone would write this twice too ..

So I asked my best friend to give me his 10 words about me, without seeing my list and this is what he came up with (No Editing to his words):

  1. Caring maybe to the point of mothering
  2. Annoying in the funniest way but talks too much
  3. So damn Funny especially when playing a prank.
    1. So I asked for an example and this one night we were in Melaka and there was a ladies group doing some sort of line dance, with one very special dancer. So I decided I would crash the party. I waited in the sidelines until they turned their backs and I copied what he was doing. You can see the video here. It was a random thing actually and wasn’t expecting that I would crash a dance class.
    2. Yep I am the big fat guy at the end dancing to copy the boy dancing 😉


  4. Easy Going
  5. Considerate and emotional
  6. Open Minded
  7. Crazy
  8. Stubborn
  9. Sensual – Well this one was a bit odd .. I think he meant exotic not sensual
  10. Arrogant
  11. Intelligent without perseverance.

Although his vocabulary is a bit off, I was a bit surprised that it closely matched to what I thought myself. He’s basically seen me day in and out, so I guess it’s a given that he knows me well.

That sums me up to a tea!

Love from Micho!

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